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HealthMax Home Health Care‘s Respite Care Services

A person is eligible to receive respite if the primary caregiver is absent or needs relief from his/her caregiver duties. See the following sections for additional program-specific primary caregiver requirements.

woman sitting with young girl that has a learning disability

AC and EW

Under the AC program and EW, the primary caregiver must either:

  • Not be paid at all
  • Be paid only for a portion of the time he/she provides care/supervision to the person

The primary caregiver does not need to live in the same house as the person who receives services.

woman holding hands with little boy in wheelchair


Under the BI, CAC, CADI, and DD waivers, the primary caregiver must both:

  • Maintain his/her primary residence at the same address as the person
  • Be the owner or leaser of the primary residence



Short-term care services provided to a person when his/her primary caregiver is absent or needs relief.

Primary Caregiver(s)

Person or people principally responsible for the care and supervision of the person who receives services.

In-Home Respite

Respite provided in the person’s home or place of residence.

Out-of-Home Respite

Respite provided outside of the person’s home or place of residence.

Transportation and Errands

HealthMax does not authorize Support Staff to transport clients. Support Staff are likewise not authorized to have possession of the client’s belongings, money, or account information and therefore cannot run errands for said client. HealthMax does allow Support Staff to accompany clients to shop or do laundry.

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