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  • Timesheets should be faxed to 1-888-979-9951
  • Call 763-575-8045 five minutes after faxing to confirm receipt of fax
  • Time Sheets are due by 4:00PM Every Other Monday – follow the Payroll Calendar
  • Use the 245D Time Sheet for Independent Living Skills (ILS), In Home Family Support, Semi-Independent Living Services, Supported Living Services, or Individualized Home Supports, Homemaking, Adult Companion Care, Individual Community Living Services, or Respite Care
  • Use the PCA Time Sheet for Personal Care Assistance

Basic First Aid Training Video –

Direct Course – Training

DHS – PCA Certificate

ADP Login – Pay Stubs

HealthMax 245D Annual Training Quiz

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Positive Supports
  • 1. Positive Support Strategy is based on an individualized assessment that emphasizes teaching a person productive and _________________ skills or alternative strategies and _________________ without the use of restrictive interventions.
  • 2. Secluding, restraining, ridiculing, and punishing a person are examples of interventions _________________ by the Positive Supports Rule.
  • Positive Behavioral Support
  • 3. All clients have a Behavior Support Plan
  • 4. Antecedents are events that happen _________________ the behavior. Consequences are events that occur _________________ the behavior.
  • 5. Some people have a history of seriously disruptive or dangerous behaviors. You must know how to interrupt the behavior and do so in ways that are _________________, _________________, and _________________.
  • Cultural Competence
  • 6. The shared cultural perspective of the largest group is:
  • 7. The services culture is usually a cycle of three components: Planning and organizing supports, _________________ and assessing needs.
  • 8. You should always use jargon and labels to help others understand what you are saying.
  • 9. Finish this sentence: The six forms of communication are etiquette and rituals, gestures, sign language, _________________, _________________, and _________________.
  • Sexual Violence
  • 10. Select all forms of sexual violence.
  • 11. What characteristics are believed to make people with intellectual and developmental disabilities more vulnerable to sexual violence or abuse? (Select all that apply)
  • 12. As a caregiver, I should treat my clients with _________________ and _________________.
  • HealthMax Policies
  • 13. It is ok to bring my family or friends with me to work for a client.
  • 14. If my client is injured I should make sure the client is safe then report the injury to HealthMax right away, even if I wasn’t there to see the injury happen.
  • 15. It is against the law to sign my clients name on a time sheet or to claim I worked when I didn’t.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

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