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Personal Support Services

Personal support services relate to outcomes identified in the person’s support plan when teaching and training are not necessary to achieve these outcomes, and it is the least costly assistance to reasonably meet the person’s needs.

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Covered Services

Covered services include supervision, support, or assistance with:

  • Activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Accessing community services
  • Developing meaningful connections with community members
  • Establishing new relationships and nurturing existing ones
  • Participating in community activities of the person’s choosing

Where Services are Provided

Services provided one-on-one with the person outside of his/her home must be provided in integrated community settings that enable the person to interact with people with and without disabilities to the fullest extent possible.

Personal support is provided in the person’s own home or in community settings typically used by the general public.

If a person lives in a residential setting (i.e., provider-controlled settings such as foster care or a community residential setting [CRS]), he/she can receive personal support in community settings outside the home. In that situation:

  • The residential provider and personal support provider must be different
  • The person cannot receive personal support in the residential setting
  • The lead agency must ensure there is no duplication of services

Transportation and Errands

HealthMax does not authorize Support Staff to transport clients. Support Staff are likewise not authorized to have possession of the client’s belongings, money, or account information and therefore cannot run errands for said client. HealthMax does allow Support Staff to accompany clients to shop or do laundry.

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