ICLS (Individual Community Living Support)

What is Individual Community Living Support? 

Individual Community Living Support (ICLS) is a new service available to Elderly Waiver and Alternative Care clients. It is an “all-inclusive” service designed to cover general care for elderly clients without needing to spread individual services across several providers. Examples Include:

  • Assisting with Activites of Daily Living (ADLs) such as mobility, transfers, or bathing
  • Light homemaking and household management
  • General oversight, monitoring, and wellness checks
  • Community engagement
  • Adaptive support, including cues, reminders, and instructions for living independently
  • Cognitive support to address behavioral, cognitive, or other concerns

ICLS staff does not provide intensive medical support, including medication management, therapy, or skills training. ICLS does not also cover transportation costs or medical equipment.

Who is qualified to become an ICLS staff member?

All ICLS care staff must meet a number of requirements in order to provide ICLS services:

  • Pass a Minnesota Department of Human Services background check
  • Complete training through HealthMax regarding health and safety procedures
  • Complete a DHS-mandated course that explains person-centered care, positive behavioral supports, and how to effectively care for individuals with disabilities