We need home health care…What do we do next?

Hearing the news that you or a family member needs home care can be a scary and a big unknown for most people. Home care is not something that we think about on a regular basis, but can be one that can change your life dramatically.

At HealthMax Home Health Services we are committed to making the process as seamless as possible for families. We want our families to feel comfortable and confident in the decision they make on who will care for their family member. This is why we provide a list of questions for families to ask in case they don’t even know where to start. It is important to us that you find the RIGHT provider for you.

List of Questions for Interviewing Home Care Agencies

Home Care is a very personal service that all must understand can be difficult at times. At HealthMax Home Health Services, we let you choose your field professional. We do not just place staff in your home that you have not met nor is unfamiliar with your cares and wishes.

Home Care is more than just taking care of the physical needs of the client. There are emotional needs that also come into play. HealthMax Home Health Services provides a clinical management model that incorporates Social Workers and Nurses to help coordinate all the needs of the client.

Education is a key component to HealthMax Home Health Services. Families and clients are taught the cares as appropriate so they can feel more confident in the care delivery of the client in the event that staff is not available or family wants family time. We provide numerous opportunities year round for families, caregivers and field professionals to gain new knowledge and refresh their current knowledge base.

We are confident you will find our service staff friendly and helpful to accommodate all your needs including insurance, staffing, care delivery and general questions.